Reaching Accord
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Reaching Accord provides an individual or a team of professionals to address your company needs.
  • Start with Training to raise awareness
  • Facilitation can harness energy around projects or periodic planning
  • Employ Conflict Coaching when tensions mount but people are not ready to openly address issues together
  • Group Dialogue at the right point in time can avert a spiraling down of energy and emotion
  • Mediation is an alternative to litigation

We recognize that being nonjudgmental about the parties and their issues is essential to our service. By assisting our clients sort through their issues and explore their underlying interests, we enable them to reach their own resolutions. We are flexible in adapting our style to the needs of the situation or to the requests of the parties. Follow-up is important to ensure follow-through, so we guide in recording resolutions and mapping outcomes. We have worked in the following situations:
  • Mediation of civil litigation
  • Mediation with staff teams to allow for cultural change
  • Facilitation of administrative teams to adapt to budget changes
  • Board of Directors retreats
  • Diversity Council Retreat, Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Facilitation of business partnership agreements
  • Training individuals and business people on developing a Mediation Mindset
  • Conflict Intervention in schools and in the workplace
  • Community Accountability Board mediations
  • Parent/Teen dialogue
  • Neighborhood disputes and domestic relations cases